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FURD offers building physics engineering services in London and the UK. If you need to pass Part L building regulations, we can help. Get in touch for projects.


Building Physics is an important field of study that examines the transfer of energy in the form of Heat, Air, Light, Moisture, Sound and Vibration within buildings, and the factors that influence energy usage and occupant satisfaction. It involves the use of advanced simulation and calculation techniques to understand and predict the behaviour of entire buildings, sub-assemblies and individual materials in terms of energy, which in turn supports the development of concept designs to refine the detailed design for construction. We believe this is an important field of study and its potential to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of buildings.

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At FURD we use thermal modelling software to assess building performance, by simulating the behaviour of buildings.

This allows us to provide Engineering solutions to offset irregularities indicated by the Thermal.

Some of our model considerations include:

  • Natural Ventilation Analysis

  • CIBSE TM52- Overheating Analysis

  • Thermal Comfort Analysis

  • Solar Shading Analysis

  • Plant Modelling

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At FURD we provide consultancy services to meet building regulations and planning authorities requirements.

This includes:

  • Part L Compliance

  • SAP Calculations

  • Energy Performance Certificates

  • Energy Statements for Planning

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